Monday, March 30, 2009

Crowe Photoshoot...

It's spring break so I thought this week would be a good one to try and get some pictures of the kids all together. It was supposed to be nice today, but that wind sure made things chilly. I was going to take the kids down to the river for our photoshoot, but it was too cold. So than I decided to take them on a walking trail (the shelterbelt), Jaxon and I call it our nature walk...but it was too cold there too. So back home we went and for some reason it wasn't as cold in the backyard. However, with the huge playstructure that Doug is building for the kids it takes up alot of my "photoshoot background", so we just had to incorporate it into the shoot. I'm going to have to do another shoot the time we got back home the kids were a bit tired and not as cooperative as they were when we first started out. So hopefully I'll get some better pictures next time...because I'm not all that happy with the boys pictures either (color is just off for some reason). So stay tuned for more!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

And some more....

I just finally got through all the pictures I took on Thursday of my brother and soon to be sis-in-law. So here are a few more favorites! Hopefully they will have many that they like to choose from! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

A few more favs...

One of them is from before...but I added a vignette around it. The one of them standing in front of the tree is one of my biggest favorites right now (I also added a vignette that one as well).

The Morris/Shogren Engagement

I had the great pleasure of photographing my big brother and soon to be sister-in-laws wedding invitation pictures. This was my very first "official" photo shoot (you know besides doing my own children!) So it was a great opportunity for me to practice and to also use my brand new lens that I had been dying to try out! I think we got some great shots of them together and I hope I was able to capture the love that they feel for eachother. Here are some of my favorites so far (and I still haven't gone through them all I will share more later as I go along). Enjoy...and we wish Chris and Melissa nothing but the best!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I've really been slacking with my photography blog haven't I! I'm hoping that will start to change soon. To see the pictures that I have been taking lately go and check out my family blog . I will try to start uploading pictures on this blog as well and also when I start doing photo shoots of children/families besides mine I will upload some of those pictures as a preview on this blog. Here is a picture I took a few weeks ago. It is definitely one of my favs!